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Adventures in Remodeling: Part 4 – Final Inspection

April 6, 2010

We moved into our house with a temporary occupancy permit with the intention of completing all the necessary work for final occupancy within the next 6 months.

We were weather tight and had heat, a functioning kitchen and bath.  What more could anybody want?  Well, our local building official/inspector wanted to see our furnace for central heat and the balance of our attic insulation installed.  He’s persnickety that way.  (He informed me he expected to be mentioned in my blog, so I must oblige.)

We had installed half of the attic insulation required prior to installing the furnace.  Half of the required insulation was still more than we had originally had.  That, combined with the floor and wall insulation that we had never had, made our house pretty cozy in comparison to the drafty antique we lived in when we first bought it.

In the mean time, my parents along with my sister and brother-in-law had begun their own remodel and their relatively new furnace was going to be replaced with radiant floor heat.  We were in line for their ‘old’ furnace.

Well, one thing lead to another and the furnace remained in place in their house for longer than expected.  I think it’s called “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.  At any rate, 2 1/2 years after moving in, my dad was finally able to come up and install the furnace.  It took a month.

Furnace installation began with a long weekend, but of course, Murphy visited – though perhaps it was just a McGrew thing.  My dad always said Murphy developed his law while watching McGrews.

Retrofitting a furnace into a ‘completed’ house using recycled parts is not an easy thing and the long weekend wasn’t enough time.  Mom and dad returned to Portland to manage commitments they had there then returned for round 2.  More Murphy visitation required another return to Portland before we were done in order to attend Finley’s first school program.

They returned 2 days later so that dad could come down with the flu and pay a visit to our local hospital instead of their own.  He spent a couple of days on our couch before feeling up to the drive back home to finish his recovery there.  A week later they returned again for the last couple of days of work – that turned into a week.

Finally, the furnace installation was complete and there was much rejoicing.  Mom and dad left for home and the insulation guys came to blow in the final half of the attic insulation.

Time for FINAL INSPECTION.  I called Jack and arranged a time for him to come over.  Nitpicky guy that he is, he couldn’t leave without finding something wrong, but it was minor and I promised to fix it, so with the required amount of grumbling, he issued the final Certificate of Occupancy.

So now we are done, right?  Wrong.  There are a few pieces if door and window trim still to install, base trim and flooring and a lot of painting still to go, but that’s par for the course.  We are warm, dry and have a fully operational kitchen and bath.  It’s more than a lot of people have.